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A comprehensive training program for software engineers who wants to succeed in technical interviews. 83% of engineers who have completed the course have successfully received one or more offers from large tech companies.

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Use AlgoMonster to learn the patterns. The internet has no short supply of problems, however like an unsolved puzzle it can be a daunting task to see the big picture and patterns. Luckily interviews are centered around a small set of patterns. These are repeated over and over. Learn these building blocks, you’ll be able to apply them to any problem.


Learn the patterns and solve any problem.
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By completing this course you will master all the necessary patterns, and we guarantee that you will receive an offer from at least one tech company.
Learn Visually
Have you ever read, and re-read an explanation, and still not able to make sense of it? We’ve been there, many times. That’s why we incorporate visual explanations to accelerate your learning.
Learn Interactively

We provide a Code Editor with live runtime environment and syntax highlighting. Run your code against our test cases to verify your understanding.

We support Python, Java, JavaScript, C++, Racket, Go, Haskell.

Ask the Experts

When you get stuck, reach out to an expert engineer, either in private or through our forum. Our engineers will quickly answer your questions.

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How does this compare to Leetcode?

Anyone who has done Leetcode from scratch can understand the struggle to get started. Being presented with ~2000 coding problems can be daunting and overwhelming. Luckily almost all the problems can be condensed to a set of patterns, which are repeated over and over. All you need to learn are these building blocks, and be able to apply them to new problems. We have done the leg work of summarizing the patterns into an interactive course, so you can get up to speed as fast as possible. Think of it as it A* path-finding algorithm with AlgoMonster heuristics. Checkout the statistics we used to compile the patterns.

Do you have instructional videos?

We have found videos to be suboptimal for learning algorithms because they are less interactive, and do not push you to think. And you really have to think when it comes to learning complex subjects like algorithms. Video is also difficult to glance through and jump around. It’s often useful to go back and forth over a new concept. Kind of like how it’s easier to read on a physical book than on a Kindle, it’s often easier to have all the information easily accessible. Also, watching videos loses the interactivity that is built into our notebook-style articles.

I find it hard to stay focused and practice. What can I do?

We recommend setting up a daily reminder. We can send you email every day with the Problem of the Day for practice and your progress. Form a positive loop where the satisfaction of solving a problem brings you back to practice and solve more problems. A short 30-minute daily practice can quickly add up.

How do I sign up?

Right here!

How does AlgoMonster compare to academic courses, like Princeton's course on Coursera?

Tech interviews focus on a specific set of topics. Princeton’s algorithm course on Coursera places emphasis on complex academic topics, e.g. Prim’s Algorithm, Krushkal’s Algorithm for spanning trees, Bellman-Ford etc. These are very rarely, if ever, asked in coding interviews. It may be good intellectual practice, but usually it is not relevant.

Tech interviews often have a focus on bug free coding, whereas academic courses focus theoretical understanding and proofs. For each concept, we have detailed explanation plus an inline editor for you to test your solutions against our test cases.

What can I expect by the end of the course?

If you complete the course and master all the patterns, you should be able to solve most of the problems on Leetcode and understand the discussion forums. Most importantly, you will be ready to interview for the tech role.

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