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Why AlgoMonster?

Are You Getting Lost in the Ocean of Coding Problems?

The internet is overflowing with coding problems - LeetCode alone boasts over 3000 problems, and that number keeps growing. It's enough to stress anyone out, thinking about the mountain of problems you need to tackle to snag that dream job.

But here's the scoop - coding interviews mostly stick to a small set of patterns that keep popping up. Master these core building blocks, and you can solve almost any problem. Learn these patterns with AlgoMonster.

The Monstrous Difference - Structured Learning for Busy People, Now AI-powered

AlgoMonster isn't just about throwing a bunch of problems at you and asking for $100. You can snag a problem list for free in online forums—so why pay?

Designed by Google engineers and competitive programmers, AlgoMonster offers the most structured approach to nailing coding interviews. We’ve poured our efforts into not just solving problems, but distilling them down to a set of repeatable patterns. And yes, we’re methodical—we even created a flow chart to help you tackle almost any coding challenge.

We take it a step further by carefully crafting our curriculum flow to make learning as simple as possible. Each section is designed to ensure you’ve got the prerequisites nailed down before moving on to new concepts. No more feeling lost or wondering why others get it and you don’t. And if that’s not enough, we used our content to trained the AI to answer any lingering questions.

Spend less time pulling your hair out over complex problems and more time learning effectively.

Who Is It For?

âś… College Student Looking for Internship

  • Stand out with your algo skills and land that next internship.

âś… Experienced Professionals Eyeing a Job Change

  • Busy? Our straight-to-the-point content won’t waste your precious time.

âś… Self-Taught Developers

  • Didn’t study computer science? No worries—boost your algo skills fast and break into big tech.

The Best Investment You’ll Ever Make

Strong algo skills will carry you through your tech career, whether you’re landing your first job or eyeing a switch. Stuck in a dull job? Think of your algo prowess as your ultimate asset and freedom skill to jump to a new gig whenever you want.


Marcelo, Senior SDE at Amazon

"I am 42 years old and I hadn't touched the subject of algorithms and data structures since college time, when I had learned it in a very limited way. For more than 1 year, I tried to study on my own without a guidance, and I regret all the precious time I lost in this journey, as it was completely unproductive. Then, I found AlgoMonster. Using the guidance provided on the website, I felt the time I reserved for studying was being completely better applied, and in 1 month I had advanced more than I had in one year. After a while, I got the job I wanted at Amazon Alexa and I owe big part of it to AlgoMonster, and even now I still want to keep using it, as I started enjoying the contents! Thanks Sheldon for creating Algo Monster, it was decisive in my journey!"

Ram - Software Engineer at Meta

"You changed the lives of me and my brother; he even got an AWS internship from it 2 years ago. Failing a bunch of online assessments when you have no idea how other people are doing it is so heartbreaking. Back when my mental model is of leetcode problems being all ad-hoc and there being no point to working that much at them because they are all different. Changed that whole thing up singlehandedly with algomonster, made me realize how easy it all is. Can't thank you enough! "


What does AlsoMonster Pro get me?

You’ll get immediate access to all our content. Plus free updates to any new content we add in the future.

Can't I figure out these patterns myself?

You can. It just takes a lot of time and experience to do many problems and figure out patterns. To quote Issac Newton, if I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants. We've done the leg work for you. And we are constantly updating the content to stay up to date to current interview trends.

Do you have questions from Google/Facebook/Amazon/Microsoft interviews?

Yes. See our statistics page. We break down question types by company so you can focus on what's most important.

Do you offer refund?

Currently, we are unable to offer refunds due to instances of abuse. However, we invite you to explore our extensive range of free content. For instance, you might enjoy our binary search section which consists of mostly free content.

Is AlgoMonster Pro really worth it?

It literally costs less than one hour of a software engineer's salary. The risk is less than one hour of salary but the reward is potentially tens of thousands dollars of compensation and your future tech career. Beyond the monetary value, getting your dream job is priceless!

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