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Marcelo, Senior SDE at Amazon

"I am 42 years old and I hadn't touched the subject of algorithms and data structures since college time, when I had learned it in a very limited way. For more than 1 year, I tried to study on my own without a guidance, and I regret all the precious time I lost in this journey, as it was completely unproductive. Then, I found AlgoMonster. Using the guidance provided on the website, I felt the time I reserved for studying was being completely better applied, and in 1 month I had advanced more than I had in one year. After a while, I got the job I wanted at Amazon Alexa and I owe big part of it to AlgoMonster, and even now I still want to keep using it, as I started enjoying the contents! Thanks Sheldon for creating Algo Monster, it was decisive in my journey!"

- Marcelo

Why AlgoMonster?

Data-driven, Pattern Distilled

Learn the most important patterns and get results in the shortest amount of time possible. You don’t need to solve 600 problems on LeetCode. Solve and understand our hand-picked problems (~ 100 of them) and you are set.


We condensed 1000+ problems into a handful of patterns that covers 90% of the main patterns. We are working hard to add new material and will cover 99% of the patterns soon.

Consistent, Visualized and Easy to Understand

Besides basic data structures we do not assume additional knowledge. Our introductory material at the beginning of each pattern covers the prior knowledge to get started. We also have step-by-step visualization for each concept or problem where it’s helpful. Unlike many online materials, our patterns are summarized and written by the same engineers in consistent languages.

0 to 60 in Record Time

Save time by studying the most important topics.

  1. Learn the fundamentals in the introductory article for each pattern
  2. Solve hand-picked real interview problems using the pattern
  3. Practice company-specific online assessment questions
I had a very basic knowledge of algorithms but after more than 18 years working with software developement, I thought I would do fine in any job interview if I just practiced coding in sites like hackerrank or codewars. But I was completely mistaken... AlgoMonster was perfect for me because it goes straight to the point with practical examples. After learning all the algorithm techniques presented in the website I was not only able to get a job at Microsoft but I also became a much better programmer.
- Eduardo

Stop the Grind. Study with A Plan.

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Add $50,000 to your total compensation

"I want to thank Algo Monster team for creating such a wonderful resource to learn algorithms and data structure to solve problems in a very organised way and helping me get a job at Amazon. The best thing about AlgoMonster is you can track your progress and learn things in a very organized manner, you will really know what is your weaker area and you can focus there more. Once again, Thank AlgoMonster team!"


What does AlsoMonster Premium get me?

You’ll get immediate access to all our content. Plus free updates to any new content we add in the future.

Can't I figure out these patterns myself?

You can. It just takes a lot of time and experience to do many problems and figure out patterns. To quote Issac Newton, if I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants. We've done the leg work for you. And we are constantly updating the content to stay up to date to current interview trends.

Do you have questions from Google/Facebook/Amazon/Microsoft interviews?

Yes. See our statistics page. We break down question types by company so you can focus on what's most important.

Is this a subscription or one-time payment?

For a limited time, we are offering it as a one-time payment. And you get future updates for free!

Do you offer refund?

Refunds are not available for this course. You can try out the free content before you decide to buy the course.

Is premium really worth it?

It literally costs less than one hour of a software engineer's salary. Think about it. The risk is less than one hour of salary but the reward is potentially 10000s of dollars of total compensation. If you don't ace your interview, you could be literally leaving 10000s of dollars on the table. Additionally, getting your dream job is priceless!

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