Speedrun ⚡💨

What Speedrun?

To quote Wikipedia:

Speedrunning is the act of playing a video game, or section of a video game, with the goal of completing it as fast as possible. Speedrunning often involves following planned routes, which may incorporate sequence breaking and can exploit glitches that allow sections to be skipped or completed more quickly than intended.

AlgoMonster's Speedrun feature is designed to help you go through as many questions as quickly as possible. It is the third step of the 3-step system. Instead of writing code for each problem, you will be given a multiple choice related to the techniques and templates used to solve the problem. This cuts down the time to go through many problems significantly.

Why Speedrun?

  • Train your intuition. In a real interview, you will be spending at least half the time identifying the algorithm to solve the question and explaining your approach to the interviewer.
  • Reinforces your learning. Going through a few more problems after learning the patterns and templates reinforces what you've learned. Seeing many problems helps train your "intuition" when faced with a new problem.
  • Increase your luck. There are only so many problems out there. The more you see, the greater chance you may encounter a problem at a real interview. You never know!
  • Most importantly, it saves you time! You can go through many more problems in a shorter amount of time.

When Speedrun?

The following Speedrun sections are ready. We will be adding more sections in the coming weeks. Check back to this page or create a free account to receive email notifications when a new section comes out.

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