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You have a paper box with dividers for holding wine bottles.

The box is divided by m x n dividers into (m + 1) x (n + 1) cells. Assuming the depth of the box is 1, each cell has a volume of 1.

Now we want to remove a number of dividers. Find the largest space after removing the dividers.

Example 1:


n = 5 Number of dividers in the horizontal direction

m = 5 Number of dividers in the vertical direction

h = [2, 3] Horizontal dividers to remove

v = [3] Vertical dividers to remove

Output: 6


We want to remove the 2nd and 3rd horizontal divider and the 3rd vertical divider. The largest space after removing the dividers has a volume of (4 - 1) * (4 - 2) * 1 = 6.

Try it yourself




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  >>> a = [1, 2, 3]
  >>> a[-1]

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