Find All Anagrams in a String

Given a string original and a string check, find the starting index of all substrings of original that is an anagram of check. The output must be sorted in ascending order.


  • original: A string
  • check: A string


  • A list of integers representing the starting indices of all anagrams of check.


Example 1

Input: original = "cbaebabacd", check = "abc"

Output: [0, 6]

Explanation: The substring from 0 to 2, "cba", is an anagram of "abc", and so is the substring from 6 to 8, "bac".

Example 2

Input: original = "abab", check = "ab"

Output: [0, 1, 2]

Explanation: All substrings with length 2 from "abab" are anagrams of "ab".


  • 1 <= len(original), len(check) <= 10^5
  • Each string consists of only lowercase characters in the standard English alphabet.

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