Twitter Online Assessment (OA) 2021 | Activate Fountain

There is a one-dimensional garden of length n - 1 meters. Every 1 meter there is a sprinkler, and each sprinkler has a different covering range. The sprinklers are labelled 0 ~ n - 1, indicating that the sprinklers are 0 ~ n - 1 meters away from the start of the fountain. The ith sprinkler covers r[i] meters of land, meaning that everywhere from i - r[i] meters to i + r[i] meters (inclusive) will be covered by the sprinkler.

In order to save water, you want to turn on the least amount of sprinklers while still having everywhere in the garden be covered by at least one sprinkler. In order to achieve this purpose, find the minimum amount of sprinkler that you need to turn on.


  • r: A list of integers indicating the range of the fountains at each position.


  • The minimum amount of sprinklers needed to cover the entirety of the garden.


Example 1:

Input: r = [1, 2, 1]

Output: 1

Explanation: The sprinkler 1 meter away from the start has a range of 2, which means that it can cover everywhere from -1 meter to 3 meter, which covers the entirety of the garden. It doesn't matter if the sprinkler exceed the garden range, as long as the garden gets covered.


  • 1 <= n <= 10^5
  • 0 <= r[i] <= 100
  • There is always one way to cover everything in the garden

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