Range max

For this question we will give you an array and a series of queries and updates. Each update can change 1 particular value in the array and each query will give you an interval where you have to return the maximum value on the interval. Each query or update will be a list of 3 elements. The first element is a number denoting a query or update operation, 1 will denote a query and 2 an update operation. If the number is a 1 the next 2 numbers will denote the interval that is to be queried in the 0-indexed array. If the number is a 2 the next 2 numbers will denote the index i and value v in that order which means that index i in the array should be updated to v.


  • arr: original array of numbers
  • operations: list of queries and updates on the array


list containing the answer to all the queries


Example 1:


1arr = [1,2,3,4,5]
2operations = [[1,0,4], [2,4,7], [1,1,4]]

Output: [5,7]


We are given a 1 query operation which means we first query from interval 0 - 4 the largest number which is 5. We then are given a 2 update operation which means we update the array at index 4 to the value of 7. Therefore, our new array is [1,2,3,4,7]. Lastly, we query one more time between 1 and 4 where we get a largest value of 7.


  • 1 <= arr.length <= 10000
  • 1 <= operations.length <= 10000
  • Each value of arr will be in the range [1, 30000]

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