Minimum Window Substring

Given two strings, original and check, return the minimum substring of original such that each character in check, including duplicates, are included in this substring. By "minimum", I mean the shortest substring. If two substrings that satisfy the condition has the same length, the one that comes lexicographically first are smaller.


  • original: The original string.
  • check: The string to check if a window contains it.


  • The smallest substring of original that satisfy the condition.


Example 1

Input: original = "cdbaebaecd", check = "abc"

Output: baec

Explanation: baec is the shortest substring of original that contains all of a, b, and c.


  • 1 <= len(check), len(original) <= 10^5
  • original and check both contains only upper case and lower case characters in English. The characters are case sensitive.

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1  >>> a = [1, 2, 3]
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