Balanced Binary Tree

A binary tree is considered balanced if, for every node in the tree, the difference in the height (or depth) of its left and right subtrees is at most 1.

In other words, the depth of the two subtrees for every node in the tree differs by no more than one.

The height (or depth) of a tree is defined as the number of edges on the longest path from the root node to any leaf node.

Note: An empty tree is considered balanced by definition.

In that case, given a binary tree, determine if it is balanced.


  • tree: A binary tree.


  • A boolean representing whether the tree given is balanced.


Example 1


Output: true

Explanation: By definition, this is a balanced binary tree.

Example 2


Output: false

Explanation: The subtrees of the node labelled 3 has a height difference of 2 (right subtree has height 2 and left subtree is empty with height 0), so it is not balanced.

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