Amazon Online Assessment Questions

The first step to getting a job at Amazon is to pass the online assessment, commonly referred as "OA". Candidates are sent a test with 1-2 questions to complete them within 1.5 hours. The assessment result will be used to decide if the candidate can move on to the on-site interviews.

Here we have compiled a list of all online assessment questions for you to practice so you'll be more than ready when you get the real OA.

2020 New Questions

QuestionYearExperience LevelTest PlatformCountry
Top K Frequently Mentioned Keywords2020ExperiencedSHLUSA
Substrings of Size K with K-1 Distinct Cars2020ExperiencedSHL/HackerRankUSA
Number of Islands2020ExperiencedSHL/HackerRankUSA
Most Common Word2020ExperiencedSHL/HackerRankUSA
Fill the Truck2020New GradSHLUSA
Max Disk Space2020New GradSHLUSA
Nearest City2020New GradSHLUSA
Subtree with Maximum Average2020New GradSHLUSA
Smallest Negative Balance/Debt record2020New GradSHLUSA
Find The Highest Profit2020New GradSHLUSA
Fetch Items to Display2020New GradSHLUSA
LRU Cache Misses2020New Grad/InternSHLUSA

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