Fetch Items To Display

An online shopping website contains one to many items on each page. To mimic the logic of the website, a programmer has a list of items and each item has its name, relevance, and price. After sorting the items by (name: 0, relevance: 1, price: 2), the programmer is trying to find out a list of items displayed in a chosen page. Given a list of items, the sort column, the sort order (0: ascending, 1: descending), the number of items to be displayed in each page, and a page number,

write an algorithm to determine the list of item names in the specified page while respecting the item's order (Page number starts at 0).

List<String> fetchItemsToDisplay(int numOfItems, HashMap<String, PairInt> items, int sortParameter, int sortOrder, int itemsPerPage, int pageNumber)


The input consists of three arguments:

sortParameter: an integer representing the value used for sorting (0 for the name, 1 for relevance, 2 for price)

sortOrder: an integer representing the order of sorting (0 for ascending order and 1 descending order)

itemsPerPage: an integer representing the number of items per page

pageNumber: an integer representing the page number

numOfItems: an integer representing the number of items

items: a map of string as key representing the name and pair of integers as values representing the relevance, price


Return a list of strings representing the item names on the requested page in the order they are displayed.


1 <= numOfItems < 10^5

0 <= relevance, price < 10^8

0 <= pageNumber < 10


itemsPerPage is always greater than 0, and is always less than the minimum of numOfItems and 20.


Example 1:


sortParameter = 1

sortOrder = 0

itemsPerPage = 2

pageNumber = 1

numOfItems = 3

items = [["item1", 10,15], ["item2",3,4]. ["item3", 17, 8]]

Output: ["item3"]

There are 3 items.

Sort them by relevance(sortParameter = 1) in ascending order ( items = [["item2", 3, 4], ["item1", 10,15], ["item3", 17, 8]]).

Display up to 2 items on each page.

The page 0 contains 2 item names ["item2", "item1"] and page 1 contains only 1 item name ["item3"].

So, the output is "item3".

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