Amazon Online Assessment (OA) - Find Critical Servers

Given an undirected graph, find out all the vertices when removed will make the graph disconnected.

Initially, the graph is connected.

For example given the graph below:

Return [3, 6]. Because we can make the graph disconnected by removing either vertex 3 or vertex 6.


The input consists of five arguments:

nodeNum: the total count of vertices in the graph, Each vertex has an unique id in the range from 0 to nodeNum - 1 inclusive

edges: a list of integer pairs representing all the edges on the graph


A list of integers representing the ids of the articulation points.


Example 1:


nodeNum = 7

edges = [[0,1], [0, 2], [1, 3], [2, 3], [2, 5], [5, 6], [3,4]]

Output: [2,3,5]

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