Amazon Online Assessment (OA) - Find Substrings

Given a string S of lowercase letters.

You need to find as many substrings from the S that meets the following conditions.

  1. no overlap among substrings
  2. one letter can only exist in one substring. For every letter C in a substring, all occurrences of the letter C also need to be in that substring.
  3. you want to find as many as substrings possible
  4. If there are two solutions with the same number of substrings, return the one with a smaller total length.


The input consists of one argument:

S: a string of lowercase letters


Return substrings as a list.


Example 1:


S = "baddacxb"

Output: ["bb", "a", "c", "x"]

Example 2:


S = "bbeadcxede"

Output: ["dd", "c", "x"]


Here ["adda", "c", "x"] is not considered a correct answer. Because the total length of ["dd","c", "x"] is 4, which is smaller than the total length of ["adda", "c", "x"], which is 6.

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