Movies on Flight

You are on a flight and wanna watch two movies during this flight.

You are given a list of integers which includes all the movie durations and also given the duration of the flight which is d in minutes.

Now, you need to pick two movies and the total duration of the two movies is less than or equal to (d - 30min).

Find the pair of movies with the longest total duration. If multiple found, return the pair with the longest movie.


The input consists of two arguments:

movie_duration: a list of integers representing the duration of movies

d: an integer representing the duration of the flight


return the movies pair.


Example 1:


movie_duration = [90, 85, 75, 60, 120, 150, 125]

d = 250

Output: [90, 125]


90min + 125min = 215 is the maximum number within 220 (250min - 30min)

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